Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carolina Snow

We rarely get snow in South Carolina, but when we do it is a big event. Yesterday afternoon the snow began falling and continued for most of the night, ending around midnight. We played in it a bit last night, and again this morning. What fun!

In our neighborhood there is a big grassy hill that goes from the top of the road, down to the pool and sand volleyball court. This big hill makes a great sledding hill, and whenever we get any snow it is covered with neighborhood kids and their make-shift sleds. We saw kids sledding on rubbermaid storage container lids, big metal mixing bowls, and boogie boards. Emily has a shark boogie board, and that is what she is riding with her friend Joseph, who she affectionately calls "Jofus."

The snow is simply magnificent! We've had such a special Saturday morning in the snow. And its so beautiful! Of course fun in the snow has to be followed by a hot cup of cocoa!

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