Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day in the life...

Actually, more like an hour in the life. A very funny hour.

Yesterday evening was quite comical. And really comical is the only way to describe it. But before I go into detail, I must explain the latest illness to strike the Johnson household. Elsie has a virus. Luckily it has only struck her so far. I thought when she developed a mild fever on Friday that it was just a typical reaction to the vaccines that she'd received at her well visit the day before. But when the fever spiked to 104.0 on Saturday, we realized this was more than just a vaccine reaction. After another pediatrician visit we found that the virus caused a secondary infection in her ear, and that she also has thrush. Poor sweetie! She is only comforted when she is held, but now she has antibiotics and slept well last night for the first time in days.

Ahhh. Okay. So knowing that, please picture my funny evening. I was in the middle of dicing chicken for dinner when I had to stop and feed the babies. Scott was trying his best to feed a very sick Elsie, and I was feeding carrots to Eli when he spit them all over me. And I mean ALL OVER ME! My face, hair, neck and and shirt were covered in pureed orange yuck. So I brought him up to the bedroom to towel off, and then began undressing the twins for their bath while Scott prepared the tub. While I spent two seconds walking Elsie in to Scott, Eli wizzed all over the floor. Nice. Then when I picked up their diapers, Elsie had a lovely tootsie roll that fell out. And in one fluid, non-stop motion the tootsie roll fell to the floor and I stepped in it. Barefoot. Ewww!

Once that mess was cleaned up, I walked back downstairs to rediscover Emily in time-out. (for not cleaning up her toys after being asked about a zillion times!) I noticed that she was rubbing her nose against the wall, and upon further inspection I see streaks of what else? Boogers! I guess that's what happens when a semi-obedient girl is forgotten about in time-out!

After I talked with her and disinfected the wall, I noticed my coupon organizer on the floor. Upside-down. With every coupon strewn about. And if you know anything about me, you know that I often get three sets of Sunday coupon inserts which means my coupon organizer is full. Very full. And dear reader, you should be horrified. I know I was!

I ignore the coupon organizer, secretly hoping the issue would go away, and I walk in the kitchen to resume the dinner preparation I had started over an hour earlier. But the chicken breast I was dicing looked funny. Hmmm. Yep. Dakota (our lab/chihuahua/boxer mut) had eaten half of the raw chicken breast. The remains were hanging off the cutting board, dangling from the counter top. Where was Dakota? He was trembling from underneath the kitchen table.

What else does one do after these event? Laugh. Hard. Then you call your mom to explain how hilarious the evening went. And when she says "oh honey, I'm so sorry!" You tell her it is really okay. Because one day the house won't be this crazy. It will be quiet, and calm. And I hope when it is that Scott and I will remind ourselves of nights like last night as we wish we could go back just for one crazy, chaotic night.


Women of Prayer said...

Oh, my goodness ~ I can relate to the coupon's!

Jenny said...

So funny Malisa! I love your family.

Jenny said...

Malisa, your comment thing isn't working on the above post, but Eli is SOOOOO cute playing dress up. What a doll. They have grown up so much since Christmas. I miss you guys.

Colette said...

LOVE the dress-up pics!! Wayyy cute!