Monday, February 22, 2010

Imagined Conversations

The babies were happily playing with their toys on the floor this afternoon when I sat down with them to cut out my coupons. I quickly realized I forgot my scissors, and ran upstairs real fast to grab them.

This is the conversation that I imagine took place when I was out of sight:

Eli: She's gone! Can you reach any of that fun stuff?
Elsie: I don't think mommy wants us to touch her papers.
Eli: But let's just see if you can grab it... reach!
Elsie: Okay, I guess it won't hurt. (reaches behind her and grabs the paper)
Eli: Way to go sister! You're awesome! Now hand me some before she gets back!
(Elsie hands him a stack of papers)
Eli: Woo Hoo! I am a ripping and crinkling machine!
Elsie: Great idea Eli! We're having a big time!

I guess this is only an inkling of what is to come!


Jenny said...

I love that conversation. I can't imagine being tag teamed by two!

Monticore said...

Funny. Great minds think alike I guess

Anonymous said...

this last post was on the 22 of febuary.. Please update. :)