Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Five year old chores

When Emily turned four a year ago, we began showing her how to make her bed. At first I had to simply cringe at the crinkles and ruffles in the bedding and it was everything I could do to not go fix it. But she practiced and practiced and can now successfully make her bed with minimal ruffles in the blankets. She even snuck in Grammy's bedroom during our stay at Christmas and she made Grammy and Papa's bed.

Now that she is five we decided she could now learn to dust and vacuum her room. What a rite of passage, don't you think? Of course learning a new thing like this is a novelty at first that will surely wear off soon. But for now, Emily enjoys using the vacuum and the dusting spray. She especially likes using her daddy's old sock as a dusting mitt, because that is just so silly! :)

In the process, Emily has figured out that if she doesn't do a REALLY good job picking up her Polly Pockets, they easily become vacuum food. This was a tragedy at first, but she is MUCH better at REALLY picking up her room now.... which is an unsuspected bonus for me!

What a big girl!

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The Jay said...

Her closet is as big as our bedroom!