Friday, March 05, 2010

Preschool birthday bash

Emily's birthday is Sunday. She will be five years old. Today in preschool she brought in cupcakes to celebrate. And yes, we did dye the frosting to match the cupcake on her sweater. Ridiculous, yes. But I did have a stronger sense of accomplishment when it matched to a tee. Thanks Wilton Co.

Emily had a fabulous time, and I got to stay for almost the entire morning of preschool. I'm reminded again that Emily's teachers are fabulous. From circle time, to centers, to the Bible story, the morning was fun for everybody. The kids learn so much while playing with each other. I am continually amazed at how organized these wonderful ladies are in order to pull this off every day.

I'm sure you can see by her smiles that she had a great time, and she has some great little friends in her class. Out of the eighteen kids in her preschool class, eight of them were born in March. Crazy. Right now we have seven different invitations on our fridge from classmates and other friends. Team that up with Emily's own birthday party, and the preschool celebrations, and that is a whole lot of birthday hoopla! The little girls in the class all seemed to be talking about it, as Emily's is the first of the long line of birthday fun.

And of course the babies joined me. Easy and cooperative, they sat in their stroller and watched the "big kids" play and have a great time. They ate their bottle and dozed off for a quick sleep before waking back up to go home. Emily showed them off to whoever would listen. She was grateful to have them at her school for her birthday as well!

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Jenny said...

I still remember when you called to say that you had Emily. I was at UCLA with Phil when he was having his eye surgeries. I can't believe she's 5 already. Do you have any pictures of the cupcakes?