Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Hi friends! Yes, we're still here, and no nothing is wrong. I guess I just let blogging get away from me for a few weeks. Have we been busy? Yes. But hasn't everybody? No excuse really. But I will try to update some of favorite things about the past few weeks by blogging every day this week to catch up!

But first of all, I have to tell you about our fabulous trip to Myrtle Beach. While we've been in South Carolina almost five years, we've never been to Myrtle. I guess we're such big fans of Charleston and Edisto Island that we never consider spending our time in Myrtle. However, Scott went to a conference there last fall and he said he thought the kids would love it. We were gone for three days, which was plenty enough time. It was the perfect chance for us to spend time on our family, just connecting and loving on our kids. Simply perfect!

(before I go any farther, I must admit that I have more than a couple loads of laundry waiting for me, a dishwasher to unload, and a hungry husband. Can you say... procrastination? But I was just so excited to share the pictures from our trip!)

Here are some of my favorites from the day we spent out on the beach. Notice the pictures of the twins before the water touched them, and after. They liked to sit and watch the water more than they liked being wet!

And I have a funny Emily story that must be told:
Emily came running up to us saying she needed to to pee. Scott explained that she should just pee in the ocean, to which Emily responded, "Seriously?" So off she went, only to return a minute later. "But everybody will see me going potty! That's just ridiculous!" she said. Scott told her to just sit down in the sand in the water, and nobody would ever know. So off she went. She returned one more time, told us we were ridiculous, and then went out for a final time.

I guess Scott and I were busy giving crackers to the babies, because all of the sudden I look up to find Emily, and I see her pulling off her swim suit, right there in the ocean!?! I RUN towards her, yelling at her to stop. She took one look at me, and knowingly said, "I told you this was ridiculous!"

I still don't think she understands that we meant to leave the swim suit on, but whatever. The damage was done. I am still giggling about it!

Lots of fun times on this trip. And I feel so lucky to have three kids who travel as easily as these three! Emily has always been an awesome traveler (did she have a choice?) but to have twins who sleep so well in a hotel and act so well at restaurants is truly a blessing. More than one person told us they would have waited a few years before going on vacation with little ones, but we just shrugged it off and remembered to be thankful for their good car behavior, sleeping habits, and eating routines. Now I guess I just have to get that laundry done, and figure out what we're eating for dinner!

Oh, and the new picture on the top of the blog was taken after breakfast one morning. With early risers like ours, breakfast is before seven. We'd go down to the awesome hotel breakfast, and then take a stroll with the kids still in their jammies. It was a fun way to start the day!


Lucky Girl said...

ha ha! that gave me a laugh. i guess she was taking your directions in a very straightforward way!! ;-)

Adam said...

Always one to take the serious turn, your story about Emily makes me wish that everyone could experience that sort of literal interpretation. What a great way to learn how communication works and how we get people to understand our intent and just how much we lose as we get older and take the assumptions of others for granted.

But also a hilarious story and I totally pictured you running down the beach as she peeled her suit off.