Sunday, May 23, 2010

Front Porch Conversations

The evenings have been just gorgeous lately, so each night Scott and I have been enjoying them on the front porch. We have an adult tasty beverage while we listen to music and talk. It has quickly become one of my favorite times of the day when we get to enjoy some time together after the kids are in bed.

Its also the time when we get to seriously talk about life. Lately I've sort of dominated the conversations with all things job related. Will I go to work next year? What if I really, really miss teaching? Does that make me a bad mom? Why can't I have both things: teaching, and stay-at-home-mommy? What if I don't find a job? What if I stay home another year or two?

Let's just say... Scott is patient. And has tremendous faith. I worry about things out of my control, and Scott relies on Him bigger than us all. I still try to control things.

So the other night I sort of came to the realization that I felt I hadn't learned much lately. I haven't attended conferences, been involved with cohorts, read professional literature. And I told Scott I missed this learning.

He looked at me said that I needed to start valuing the things I HAVE learned this year. And when I stopped to think about it, there have been some great things that I've learned. I've learned how to save crazy amounts of money with coupons and menu planning. I've learned to can, make jam, bake bread, and all sorts of new recipes. I've made my own baby food, used cloth diapers successfully for over a year (with twins even!). I've made a household calendar and learned to manage the tasks around the house in a way that keeps me sane, and allows Scott the most time to spend with the kids when he gets home from work.

Sometimes moms don't stop to think about all the things we "learn" when we stay at home, or the things we teach to our kids on a daily basis. It was good for me to hear those words of encouragement from him, and I thought it may be good to pass it on to other moms who also may need to give themselves credit for the every day happenings around the house, however mundane them may seem.

I don't know where God will bring me next year. I may be at home with my twins, I may be in a classroom with students. But no matter what happens, I will remember to value what I've learned at home.


John said...

You married a wise man, Malisa. You HAVE learned a lot this year! (and thanks for reminding me that I have learned many of those same lessons too :)

Katie said...

That was from Katie :)