Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Tough Girl

The recreation department does a "Mud Mania" day every year. I showed Emily pictures on the internet, and she said she would like to do that. So this morning Emily dressed in yucky clothes, and we headed off to the park to watch Emily conquer the muddy obstacle course!

Elsie and Eli were her biggest fans! Here is Elsie giving her awesome big sister some "good luck" smooches!

Here she is going through the obstacle course:

Emily wasn't quite sure about the kids getting mud all over their heads. This was about as muddy as she got!

When the kids were done playing in the mud, the fire department sprayed them off with a fire hose! It was quite the set-up!

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Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, Ryan would LOVE this! I wish he could have done this with Emily.