Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Grocery Gamer!

When Emily was just a little thing I had a feeling she would appreciate my couponing. She must have only been two or three when she pushed her baby stroller in the living room and asked me if I could watch her baby while she went grocery shopping. I promised to take good care of her baby doll, and as she exited the room to go "shopping" she turned to her baby and said, "What's that baby?" (silence as she pretended to be listening to her baby) "Oh, I'm sorry baby but we're not going to get that today at the store. Its not on sale, its not on the list, and I don't have a coupon!"

Fast forward to today and just look at my happy little shopper! We went to Publix this evening after the babies went to bed. Emily carefully scanned the aisle looking for the items that were buy one get one free sale items to match with my coupons. When we got to the check out station Emily was just as excited to hear the total as I was: $32.19 for all of this!

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