Monday, February 07, 2011

This is the Stuff...

I was sitting in traffic on Lake Murray Blvd this afternoon while this diesel blocked three lanes of traffic so he could back in to a furniture store loading dock. I was so anxious to get home to my sweet family after work, as always, but especially on this day. Scott had taken the day off work to be with our sick sweeties and when he took them to the pediatrician we found out the girls both had double ear infections, and Eli was suffering from some icky virus that was leaving him tired, congested and relentlessly coughing. I couldn't wait to get home and wrap my arms around them all. And I couldn't even find my cell phone to call home and check in.

While I sat that there getting more and more frustrated at the nerve of this diesel guy (I mean, if you know you have to block three lanes of traffic to make this delivery, could you not choose 5:00 traffic as a delivery time?!) I reached down to look through the package from the pharmacy. I had two sets of antibiotics and one cough medicine. But when I looked at the antibiotics, they hadn't been mixed. Ugh. So now I had to wait for the diesel truck to MOVE and then I had to jet back to the pharmacy to wait in that awful line (again!) so I could get the meds mixed.

As I continued to sit, I reflected on the stressful school day. I had two sweeties complaining that they didn't feel good but neither had a temp. so they were returned to class to mope the rest of the day. I had one high-energy friend that forgot "part of his routine" this morning and was doing everything but pulling out my hair FOR me. Throw in a little fourth grade girl drama, and the afternoon was just not as fun as most. *deep sigh*

And then I heard this song.

My entire perspective changed as I began to feel for the poor diesel driver who probably wasn't from around here and had no idea the trouble this delivery would cause to an already congested road. As I passed I gave him a little wave and a smile, and he looked at me and smiled back with relief. No doubt other passersby weren't extending much southern charm.

What a difference a great song can make!


Jill V said...

Great reminder! Love this song...and God's timing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Always there is a blessing in every situation . . . you just needed the song to remind you.
I also tell myself that there is someone so much worse off than me.

Also, I made your Carnitas Tacos, yummy! I shared some with Judy M.

Hope our babies are all well soon.
Kathy D.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Oh good Kathy! :) I hope you liked them!