Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If the Shoe Fits...

On Friday I'm flying to Vegas. Yep. Me. In Vegas.

My little sister is getting married in August, and her bachlorette party starts Friday in Vegas. Friday is my birthday. This is terrific because Scott and I got married on my sister's birthday. Yes, it is possible to narrow down every Saturday in an entire season and arrive at only one possible date that just happens to be your little sister's birthday. She was cool with it, but made us promise that we could get married on her birthday only if we shared our first anniversary with her on her twenty-first birthday, which of course, we did.

So now her bachlorette party is on my birthday.

My sister and I are not alike at all, but we're super close. Many qualities that I love about her are those I wished I possessed myself. However, with those differences comes this Vegas trip. My sister will probably rock the Vegas. Me... well, not so much. When I got the itinerary of weekend events, I just about fell out of my chair. Let's just say there will be lots of... "clubbing." Me. In a club. (Its okay if you giggle, I giggle nervously just thinking about it.)

I don't want to be totally out of place in this Vegas scene, I mean my little sister has ten other friends coming, and as the risk of sounding like a high schooler, I want to fit-in at least somewhat. And I didn't think my typical Loft sundress and fake pearls would do the trick. So Scott and I went to the mall and I got some "appropriate attire" that I'm sure I will never ever wear again.

Today I returned to the mall to get a pair of shoes and a couple pairs of earrings to go with my new "Vegas outfits." My friend Amber went with me, and I told her that I was thinking about getting some gold flats, like some gold hercules sandals. Maybe something like this:

Amber just sort of looked at me, and asked if I had talked to Mindy about this. I told her that I'm sure Mindy would agree. Amber insisted that I call Mindy right then and there and ask her opinion.


I called Mindy, and the conversation went sort of like this:
Me: Hey Min. I'm looking at shoes for Vegas, and I'm thinking about some gold hercules sandals. That's fine, right?

Mindy: Wha??? Flats? In Vegas? I don't think they even let you in the club with FLATS?!? No Malisa, no way... (laughs and giggles in the phone at her big sister's ignorance of "appropriate Vegas club attire")

At this point, Amber asks to talk to Mindy. I hand her the phone, and this is what I hear:

Amber: Hey Mindy, its Amber.
Amber: Yeah I know, (rolls her eyes playfully at me) Uh huh... I know! That's what I told her..... Yep.... (laughter) yeah, I will... no problem... bye!

I get the phone back from Amber.

Mindy: Boy I'm I glad that Amber went with you shopping today. YOU should be glad too! Flats in Vegas! Hahahahahaha!

The phone call ends.

So, Amber and I spent the next hour and a half looking for appropriate foot attire. And these are similar to "wonderful appropriate club foot attire" that we found.

If a single pair of shoes could symbolize the difference between my sister and I, these shoes do it. Pray for me. I don't want another broken leg. I hope my sister appreciates all the sacrifices I'm making for her. :)


Heather and Travis said...

Thank you for this post! I am in tears because I'm laughing so hard! I'm sure you will rock Vegas!

Emily Whitecotton said...

YES! Thank you for this post! I'm sure that even though the Vegas stuff isn't you, that you'll have a great time seeing the fun that your sister is having. You may even end up having some fun too! I can't wait for the pics.

Personally, I think Hercules shoes would have been an excellent compromise between heels and sneakers. I'll be thinking about you out there! Have fun!

Adam said...

I despise dress codes.

If you get a chance in between all your clubbing and playing penny slots, I highly recommend you head over to the MGM Grand (if that isn't where you're already staying) and visit the lions and lion cubs. It'll make up for having to listen to super loud music, paying exorbitant drink prices, and they let you in with flats.

Colette said...

Malisa - I am in Las Vegas right now (a conference for work) and Danny came with me. Most of our amusement has been the shoes! Haven't been to any clubs but from the looks of things I'm afraid Mindy is right. Let's just say that your picture would be on the more conservative side of what we're seeing. I don't know how these girls are doing it - makes my feet hurt just watching them. Good luck!!

Laura Brady said...

This post made me crack up...because it was so close to home! 3 weeks ago was Kevin's wedding in Vegas and we were all dressed up for his wedding at 3pm. We changed into more comfortable clothes after the wedding and then headed out for a nice dinner...apparently we needed to stay dressed up. I was definitely the only girl under 50 wearing capris and flats!

Tim O'Keefe said...

I just want to see what kind of tattoo you come back with. I am sure it will be subtle, nuanced, elegant, refined. It's time for Scott to publish 10 Things About Malissa. There will be plenty after you get back from Vegas. Have an awesome time.