Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Top Ten

There is so much I could write about our Christmas trip to California. But since I've proved to fall off the blog bandwagon, I will stick to a top ten list in no order of importance.

10. Christmas morning after we did the present thing, we went to my parents church... the church where Scott and I got married, the church where I grew up, the church where I feel everybody still knows me. I love that place. And even though I had to take the twins out of the service after a few worship songs, all was good, because I got to sit in a room full of girls I grew up with while we watched our children play. What a fabulous time.

9. My sister and her husband James are pregnant with their first. I couldn't wait to finally see her with her new little baby bump. I'm so excited for the two of them, and their precious baby due in June!

8. Christmas morning my kiddos opened a gift from my parents that revealed a trip to Disneyland. The twins didn't really get it, but Emily understood. Waiting four days until after Christmas was a little difficult, but boy was she excited! I should probably post specifically about Disneyland... maybe that will be next. We had a wonderful time!

7. I hate the Houston airport. There are few things that I feel that way toward, but the Houston airport is definitely one of them. Scott says its because the place was named after Bush, but whatever the reason, that airport is the most disorganized, unreliable, poor airport in the entire county. (In my opinion of course.) After an amazingly easy trip out, the trip home was miserable. And not because we traveled with three kids... our kids did an awesome job. But because eight hours waiting in an airport for a crew to show up, only to end up with a cancelled flight is no way to end a wonderful trip. Ugh.

6. Costco. Scott loves to go to Costco with my mom. Its pretty funny. One thing he asks to do each year is go to Costco and then have lunch at his favorite Bakersfield restaurant, "Flames and Skewers." Of course we always do this.

5. And another thing about Scott. My mom knows all of his "favorites" and has each of these things waiting for him. Everything to his favorite hair gel, to his favorite cereal, drinks, and snacks. The house is full of "Scott's favorites." Sometimes I think she likes him more than me! :)

4. My dad took Emily to horseback riding lessons. Well, let's back up. Before he took her to horseback riding lessons, he asked her what she would need before riding a horse. She told him she'd need to dress like a cowgirl. So he took her to the "Cowgirl store" (Western Warehouse) where the nice man outfitted her in new boots, hat, belt buckle, wranglers, and a new "cowgirl" shirt. Then he took her to ride a gentle horse named "Shotgun." The lady giving her the lesson was amazing, and totally did an excellent job. By the end of the hour, Emily was fearlessly cantering around the ring. I was amazed... and a little scared at her lack of fear. My dad sort of opened a can of worms, because it looks like Scott and I will be finding a place for her to take lessons around the Irmo area.
FYI- The shirt she picked out was checkered, because Woody and Jessie from Toy Story have a checkered shirt, so don't all cowboys/cowgirls? Hilarious.

3. Being so far away, Scott hasn't had many opportunities to get to know our new brother-in-law James. I've always wished for my husband and whomever Mindy married to be close, just like Mindy and me. While in Bakersfield there were several nights when everybody said their goodnights, leaving only James and Scott to talk to each other. I was so thankful that time was made. I know Scott enjoyed getting to know his brother-in-law. We just love James!

2. Traditions. Every year my mom buys us all new pajamas, and every year we open one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. Of course Mom chooses, and the one we open in our new pajamas. Scott has an issue with wearing any clothing before its washed, so Mom now actually washes and dries the pajamas before wrapping them. (I tell you, she spoils him!) Well, this year was no different, except not only did we get new pajamas, but each couple got a new game to play. We put the kids to bed, and spent the rest of the evening drinking wine and playing games. It was one of my favorite nights for sure.

1.Family and friends. We were able to see a lot of family and friends this trip. Emily loves to play with her friends Ryan and Issa, and we all loved getting to see some great friends in Fresno, and our friends from Colorado. Seeing our kids interact with their grandparents is always precious, and makes the time so tender. As much as I'm glad to be home, I always look forward to Christmas in California.


Jenny said...

It was great to see you guys. I wish we could have hung out longer but I really enjoyed the time we spent together.

Tim O'Keefe said...

Wonderful to read/hear your writing voice Malissa. What a blast and what a wonderful set of traditions. Sounds like you have a wonderful and supportive group of family and friends. And yes - Scott is definitely spoiled by your folks. Congratulations on your new forthcoming niece or nephew.