Monday, January 16, 2012

My Simple Family

Our family was fortunate enough to have today off from work and school. We were looking forward to this day to run some much needed errands. We loaded up the car and started down our long list. After four stops, we had some lunch out as a family. Everybody had a great time. We continued on with our errands, ending with the final stop as the twins nodded off in their car seats. I ran in to make a quick exchange, and came out to find all three kids asleep.

Scott and drove home with all three of our sweeties snoozing behind us. We pulled in the driveway and both agreed to do the 'ole, "Who can get the baby in the house without waking him/her" routine. You know this one... where you unbuckle and gently pull the sleeping kid out from the seat without startling him/her, then walk up the stairs, careful to skip over the squeaky one two from the top, and finally put the sleeping child in their bed... and he/she continues to sleep??

Luckily all three kids (Yes, Emily has been known to nap every day on the weekend) stayed asleep, and Scott and I were left with some quiet time to read (or blog).

I realize that in a few years our weekends will likely be more lively with the kids activities. And I also realize that a few years after that our kids will be busy with their own things without us. So today was special, in that it really wasn't. We were just a mini-van full of a family running errands and grabbing a bite on Harbison Blvd. just like many other families around us. But I'm so thankful we were together... having fun doing nothing really.

When our kids grow up and are out of the house, I think it will be these days I will miss the most. I actually like packing the diaper bag, using high chairs at restaurants, and pulling out the stroller at every stop. I like that Emily entertains the twins, and that they giggle at her while I help Scott pick out a new pair of pants for work. Simple things.

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Tim O'Keefe said...

It's the journey, right? And you are wise to appreciate all of these small moments. The big box moments are the ones you can fall back on. The first steps, the first bike rides on their own without training wheels, the parties as well as the broken arms, first break-ups, etc. But what a gift to relish the small moments as well. Nice reminder.