Monday, June 10, 2013

The Garden
So my favorite part of gardening isn't the vegetables. Its the compost pile. I love my worms. We have a great friendship. I give them watermelon rinds, and they give me soil. Its a beautiful thing. Right now I have about 2-3,000 worms in the bin. A few months ago we dumped all the soil on a tarp and picked out the worms before tilling the soil in to the raised bed. We threw the worms back in the bin with a little bit of starter soil. 

And now here we are. The worms have reproduced to the point of actually having to "feed the worms" to keep them alive. I probably throw in about 3-4lbs of food waste a week. My plants in the veggie garden have started to grow, but we have all of these "mystery" plants that I didn't plant. I've transplanted tomato plants from my basil garden, the oregano, the geraniums, and even the potted impatience. My theory is that at some point I must have put some mushy tomatoes in the compost, and now the seeds have sprouted everywhere I've put the compost. Needless to say, we will have a lot of tomatoes this year.

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