Friday, June 07, 2013

Ahhh Summer. I have so many plans for you.

Summer Plans:
Poolside lounging
Library trip taking
Cookout grilling
Play date making
Coffee drinking
Glue, paint, crayon mess creating
Lake kayaking
Home binder organizing
Zoo animal watching
Garden growing
Meal planning
Dissertation writing supporting
Jam making
Beach week vacationing
Splash pad splashing
Friendship growing
Kid snuggling
Family loving


Tim O'Keefe said...

Add blogging and poetry writing to your list. It's wonderful at your age and stage to have weeks in a row to just raise your kids. You are blessed. So fun having dinner the other night. So relaxed and light. I hadn't smiled and laughed with a group of adults in a long time I guess. See you soon.

Emily said...

Thursday night was WAY fun. What a wonderful group of people! need to add some Umbrella Chatting/Sipping. I want to make my list after reading this...

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Okay, so add:
Umbrellaing (yes, its a word now)
more coffee drinking,

and, as it turns out, cleaning!

5 people in a house all summer means that The Mommy has a lot to clean up, pick up, tidy up, etc. Its all I do. We're working on that.