Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm loosing my mind

Today Scott has had a terrible headache that started early this morning, and has pretty much debilitated him all afternoon. Once we got home from church, he needed to lay down. This was fine of course, but it left me to deal with Emily the Ornery all afternoon by myself.

Let's just say that out of all the days for her to learn how to open the fridge, this was the one she picked. Great.

Normally Emily will play pretty well, and stay with one toy for a reasonably accurate time for a little one her age. Today, that is not the case. The child is everywhere, and into everything. She watched me sweep the floor, and just when my back was turned to grab the dust pan, she stood in the middle of my pile. I fluffed up and straightened up the couch cushions and pillows, only for her to realize that the cushions do in fact come off the couch, so she took them all off again. And today she remembered how to gargle her milk, only to get it all down her shirt an all over the carpet, and then toss her sippy cup over the fireplace screen. Wow.

I know that she is curious, and I hope she remains curious for her entire life, however, today her curiosity is driving me INSANE! Okay, thanks for the vent. She is now pounding on the bedroom door where Scott is desperately trying to nap to get rid of the headache.

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