Thursday, January 10, 2008


This past November I finished a Bible study using Beth Moore's Daniel. This was by far the best study I have every been a part. One of the major differences with this study from others I have done is that it didn't concentrate on me. There was a focus of course on applying what we read and studied to our lives, but mostly this study focused on bible history.

Before this study I thought of Daniel and remembered the childhood Sunday school stories about the lion, the 3 in the fire, and such. I didn't remember anything about the prophesy in the later chapters. I was amazed at what I found out about our God through studying this prophesy. One of the reasons why I think I learned so much was the commentary that was referenced.

So, I got myself a commentary. Scott told me different ones that he thought would be good, but I didn't want a set that consisted of multiple volumns. I wanted a consice commentary that noted each verse in bold, with timelines, and such. I decided on Nelson's new illustrated commentary. I don't know much about commentaries, but so far I am glad that I got one. So... yeah.

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