Sunday, January 13, 2008

New duds for the bed

When we got married my Aunt Becky gave us a beautiful silk duvet cover for our bed. Of course it was one that we picked out, and we really loved it. However, it wasn't long before the embroidered stitching began to pop and the button holes tear. (My friend and seamstress goddess Jenny tells me it was probably polyester thread used on raw silk, which is a no-no. I'm sure she's right) And when we moved into this house we loved the green bedroom walls, but when we added our furniture with our green duvet we didn't care for the sea of green that our room became. With our fourth wedding anniversary coming up, I decided it was time for us to invest in something else to dress up our bedroom.

This is the spread that I picked out. No duvet cover to slip and pull away from the feather duvet. No ripped stitching. Just multi-colored bliss to break up the green. It has almost the same pattern of embroidered scroll on the green panal which was what I loved about our old cover, with the added rust-red and gold. I absolutely love it.
Now maybe I can figure out what to put on the beautiful curtain rods that have hung empty above the four giant windows in our room!

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