Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott

In honor of Scott's birthday I thought this picture was too priceless not share. This pretty much sums up Scott. Let me give you the story behind it. First of all, my mom, sister, Emily and I went shopping many days of our Christmas break while my dad worked. This left Scott to be forced to come with us. On this particular day my mom was checking out at the register while my sister and I were looking at socks. Emily was fully amused in the costume jewelry section (always her favorite) where she had wound up a disney princess musical box and was dancing around in full costume jewelry fashion. Naturally, she wanted her daddy to twirl around like a ballerina with her. How could he say no? This is Scott we're talking about! I walked back just in time to whip out my camera, much to his chagrin. His facial expression says it all.

What a guy to do whatever it took to give me time to entertain our two year-old so that I could spend much needed time with my sis and mom.

For the official cake of his 35th birthday I plan to re-create the four-layer triple chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting that I made over the holiday. Too bad my dad won't be here to eat the remains like he did the holiday cake. Picture to follow.

Happy Birthday Scott!

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