Friday, January 18, 2008

Two subject Post

First of all, here is the birthday cake picture as promised. Very rich, but yummy. I didn't make enough frosting, or I put too much frosting in between the layers, so the outer coat isn't as thick as I would have liked. Though I am loving my frosting gun for the lettering.

Second thing is we had some friend's kids over this evening so that their mom could go to a retreat and leave before dad got home. They're not just any kids either. They live down the street from us, and the older boy, Austin, is a formal student of mine. I absolutely love this kid. If you heard Jay and Becky talking about the kid who came over and played guitar hero, this would be him. His little sister is Kori, and Emily thinks she is quite the princess of the world. She loves to play with Kori, and Kori loves to dress Emily up in dresses, and show her how to do all sorts of "big girl" things.

We spent the evening making our own pizza dough and topping it with our favorites (mostly cheese) before baking it. There was lots of playing going on all over the house, and I totally loved it! I loved having three kids running all over the place. They were entertaining each other and laughing and having a great time. It made me happy. Maybe having a "tribe" isn't so bad?

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