Sunday, March 30, 2008


Late last Sunday night (11 pm) Meesh mentioned something about Austin wanting to go to Carowinds to ride the roller-coasters. I have been wanting to go since we moved here, and Scott really needed Em and I out of the house so that he could get some work done. We went on-line and found out that Monday was the only day during spring break that they were open. We brought a tape measure in to Em's room so we could measure her in her sleep to find out exactly how many rides she could go on, and then we bought our last minute tickets.

Austin is now 54" (with some minor manipulation of truth by me to the man who carried the big measuring stick) and that is a big deal at a park whose rides require a minimum of 54" for all the largest rides. He got his green bracelet, and we were off! He and I got to ride on all the big coasters while Meesh and Em hung out on some of the kiddie rides. Austin is seriously one of my favorite people of all time. Em also went on her first ever roller-coaster. She did say that she was "skayerd" (two syllables) but then asked if she could go again. She was quite the trooper, missing her nap and finally falling asleep on the way home. Never whined of fussed at all.

What a fabulous way for me to procrastinate doing my national boards stuff, huh? It was a fabulous day!

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