Saturday, March 29, 2008

I don't like fiery hoops!

Ughh. That is all I have to say. I haven't been posting much as of late because I have been typing my fingers to the bone working on the entries for my NBCP. Can I say UGHHHH again? UGHHHH.

It isn't just the writing. It is the video segments that have to be of specific length, put in specific cases, and labeled specifically. It is the papers that have to be numbered a specific way with a specific header and a specific candidate I.D. label outside each envelope that contains them. I am done with the writing today. Like, just now. But I still have to box them all up in the envelopes so that my box can be postmarked by Monday.

All the fiery hoops are getting me down and discouraged. I don't like fiery hoops.

Besides that, I feel like I have worked on this my entire spring break, something I said I wouldn't do. Thank goodness my gracious husband has been a wonderful help to me. And my wonderful neighbor whose husband helped me with the DVD catastrophe after catastrophe.

I feel like if I pass (and I won't find out until the last week in November!) that I will feel just as special as an Emmy award winner. And if I do pass, I will give an award winning speech formally thanking all who helped me a long the way.

But until then? Ughhh!

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