Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

There is a great little movie theatre in Irmo. They show all the older movies just before they come out on DVD. The tickets are $1.50 and the popcorn, though still still outrageous, is better than typical theatres. We took Emily to see Horton Hears a Who. I realize this will be on DVD soon, but the point was not specifically the movie, but rather the theatre experience. Em is a champ at the movies. She understands that unlike at home there is no pause button, and therefore we use the ladies room before entering the show. She sits still in her chair and watches the entire time without spilling popcorn or her juice. She doesn't talk loudly, actually rarely does she talk at all. She is very enjoyable.

I wish this was the case for the other children in the theatre.

Scott seems to have a gift for attracting every obnoxious child in the building. Tonight was no different. We had the little toddler boy behind us who was very cute, but after awhile his greasy fingers touching my hair and Scott's shoulder got a little annoying. Then there was the child (this one NOT a toddler) who sat on top of his folded chair, making him sit at a height above many NBA players. Add to that the annoying "loud talker" two rows below. No wonder I have to beg Scott to go to the show. Tonight I understood and didn't blame him.

However, all that annoyance beside, we did have a great time. I am thankful for our little theatre with stadium seats, cheap popcorn, and annoying families. The cheap admission will bring us back... especially on those summer days when the heat and humidity are too much to take.

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