Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My hope and where it comes from

Today I feel like the fight is just too hard. The day is too long. And all will never get done.

I just want to go to sleep and start over fresh tomorrow.

Maybe I am just really tired, and can't get over it, but it seems like everywhere I look there is negativity. The economy is horrible. People can't make ends meet. The war continues. Schools didn't make AYP. California is on fire. Politicians lie. It just seems to go on and on and on. Not to mention the woods by my house that are now cut down to make way for houses, and the kid in my class who will never have a decent family life.

It is during these days of pure negativity that my only comfort comes from my God. And I wonder how does anybody make it through this negative earth without Him?

I sure do hope tomorrow is better.

I have a doctor appt. that could only be scheduled in the early afternoon, which means I have to take a 1/2 day off work. I am going to take advantage of using this 1/2 day and I think I will spend a good hour in the coffee shop by myself, sipping tea and reading. Ahhhh. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

Tomorrow WILL be better!

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